La Feria


Concert for Castagnette

by Franco Cardaropoli



Concert for Castagnette

by Franco Cardaropoli



Have you ever had the sensation of finding yourself in a unique place and wishing to freeze that instant forever? There are places in the world capable of giving you a thrill for their beauty, for their particularity or for the history they contain. Places that you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Spain is one of them, a surprising place where the feeling of being out of this world gently accompanies you along the way. I fell in love with Spain and the thousands of lights, colors, songs, women dances dressed as flamenco that animate Ferias in this nation. What are the Spanish Ferias? Well, definitely something special: parties in which joy and entertainment are the essential ingredients of the cities and towns in which they are celebrated. Probably, only by experiencing it, can one fully understand the whirlwind of emotions and lightheartedness, from which you will be pervaded by participating in a Feria. Si because for the Spaniards the “FERIA”, is the, Festa. And it is precisely during the participation in one of these parties that the idea of ​​composing a piece for Castanets that could express all the passion, joy, vitality, light-heartedness and ardor that a Spanish feria manages to recall.

Thus, was born the piece “LA FERIA”, a tribute of emotions that enrapture and surprise.


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