by Carlo Pirola

Celebratory song for the Music Festival on June 21st



by Carlo Pirola

ENJOY MUSIC DAY! It’s not just a celebratory song for the Music Festival on June 21st, in
occasion of this event we wish to draw attention to some educational, cultural and artistic aspects of this Art.
Music is a means to put men in touch with the most intimate part of themselves, to be able to express feelings and moods. When it meets the listener’s emotionality it is able to arouse pain, joy and consolation at the same time. For these characteristics, music plays a central role in man’s education, so much so that it allows everyone to get to know each other and to share their emotions, to cultivate new character qualities and feel good together.
ENJOY MUSIC DAY! He wishes to describe these aspects musically, a kind of entertainment
instrumental where the main elements of the music are involved, with melodic, rhythmic and harmonic passages combined in the various timbres of the wind and percussion instruments.
The beginning has a character of harmonious solemnity where some aspects are already exposed which will serve to form a pleasant “melody for all”, in a flowing movement which will gradually involve the entire ensemble. Some solo parts intervene to give liveliness to bring the “tutti” to a first crescendo which leads to a decisive intervention of the percussions.
“With imagination” the previous thematic interventions are resumed, counterpointed by descending motifs and other compositional variations: it is the beauty of music that changes and pleasantly entertains who plays and who listens. Thus new rhythmic cells develop which involve the instrumental sections towards a dynamic crescendo which subsides in a suspensive enlarging. “With importance” the main thematic aspects are still highlighted, with various changes of tempos: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 which lead to the sonorous intensity of a corona, in crescendo. An “enthralling soon” follows with a synthesis of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic thematic elements used, to flow into the “festive finale” of the piece with a closing close modulating.

ENJOY MUSIC DAY! The Music Festival is also an invitation to reflection addressed to all Band Associations, to not lose interest and curiosity towards this Art, to continue to transmit joy and share cultural, artistic and social well-being; they are objectives that serve to foster the energy and competence necessary to have a valid and brighter vision of “making music together”, a complete enhancement of our band activity.
May it truly be a Music Festival for everyone.

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