CHRISTMAS SOUND (like a set of bagpipes)



arr. Picarband

In my time, in the rites and traditions of Holy Christmas, in the streets and squares there was no shortage of the typical figures of bagpipes, those who played the “piva” with a pleasant repertoire of dirges and songs of popular and religious inspiration. The players dressed in sheepskin, very similar to shepherds, usually in pairs: one played the bagpipe, a sort of bagpipe (attention – there are differences between the two aerophone instruments) both were constructed in an artisanal way with the bag, i.e. the From the wineskin, made of animal skin, various pipes with fixed sounds emerged which served as harmonic support and pipes with mobile sounds which produced a light counter melody. While the other player used the ciaramella, a kind of wooden fife, with a double reed, with penetrating and captivating notes. The pipers with these particular instruments gave passers-by the Christmas atmosphere, in exchange they received the mite and necessities. The Band also plays during the holidays and therefore the idea of ​​formulating an “imitative” piece encouraged me to compose a CHRISTMAS SOUND (like a set of bagpipes). The sound of the bagpipes or bagpipes with the shawm-fife to evoke the Christmas atmosphere. Therefore in this composition particular writings appear, such as the alternating pedals of harmonic support to a melody with a popular flavour; the latter repeated several times in a repetitive-varied form with different instrumental sections. The timbre is particular but aims to imitate the performance of bagpipes. There is no lack of easy modulation that leads to a diminuendo ending as if the air of the instruments were gradually running out, in slowing down… And we reach that silence that immerses us in the Mystery of the birth of Baby Jesus.

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