PREGHIERA (get free ‘Prayer for Ukraine’)


original piece by Picarband

By purchasing the piece ‘Prayer’, get free ‘Prayer for Ukraine





original piece by Picarband

By purchasing the piece ‘Prayer’, get free ‘Prayer for Ukraine

The melodic construction makes use of the first notes of the Gregorian REQUIEM, taken from the Liber Usualis, with the addition of passages taken from the Miserere and the Dona Nobis Pacem. These thematic citations have been entrusted to various solo instruments, with the reprise of the various motifs by the instrumental sections. The musical performance of this PRAYER is intended as a sign of thanks and recognition, in memory of the people who have been part of the band.

The musical performance is conceived as a “path of the soul” and therefore requires an appropriate meditative climax, invocation and supplication, respecting the phrasing and dynamics indicated. The sound balance must favor the timbre quality of the thematic recordings, in dialogue with the counter-songs, with the right support in the variety of rhythmic accompaniments and harmonic support.

The harmonic refinement and the modulations distributed in the construction of the phrases represent the passage, from pain to hope, which leads to serenity and the memory of those who participated in “making music together”. These are considerations that will help to achieve an effective expressive interpretation of the piece and the involvement in prayer of the entire instrumental ensemble.

The composition proceeds in its development through proposals, dialogues and shots in the various extensions of the band register, these are lines that combine to form the prayer that comes to an end on a suspended chord, a sort of questioning on the mystery of life and death.

The piece can be performed both in a public concert and during a liturgical function, I suggest the anniversary of November 22, dedicated to the Feast of St. Cecilia, to remember the instrumental friends who were part of the band. All this thinking about the functions of the Music Band, the service and the good carried out in the community to which they belong, because each association has its own “particular soul” rich in perspective, resourcefulness and creativity, which are the strong motivations bequeathed by those who preceded us.

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