MUZYKA dlya MIRA (Music for Peace)


Studio for Piano No. 1 of Op. 2 by Alexander Scriabin

arrangement by Picarband


Studio for Piano No. 1 of Op. 2 by Alexander Scriabin

arrangement by Picarband


The music of the Studio for Piano No. 1 of Op. 2 by Alexander Scriabin (born in Moscow in 1872 and died there in 1915) is the proposal of this unusual band transposition and transcription, a musical adaptation with a very specific reason, that of hoping for Peace between the Russian and Ukrainian people.

Picarband has deliberately accompanied the slow rhythmic pace of Scriabin’s music with appropriate percussion, to convey the idea of ​​a continuous and demanding journey that tends to achieve the objectives of respect and peaceful living between these two peoples.

The melodic simplicity of Scriabin’s formal system is based on the alternation of two episodes of different character and presents particular harmonic solutions. It is a very thorough, varied and stimulating research by the Russian composer.

This feature allows for a type of juxtaposition which, thanks also to the diversity of melodic and rhythmic arrangements, allows you to retain your own identity, with dialogues that develop within the musical context of the piece.

What better hope is therefore to use Music to help smooth out any contrast and create a harmonious bipolarity, whose virtuous breadth must always tend to grow and communicate the musical beauty of the piece.

This last aspect is present from the point of view of dynamic arrangements, like the main melody treated with expressiveness using the crescendo and diminuendo; moreover, the various passages involve delicate sounds up to a more heartfelt overall movement, it is a constant modulating development in various tones that communicates emotion and passion. The continuation of the piece brings us back to the melodic reflection of the beginning, through short solo passages and a final nuance that involves various instrumental sections.

The passage makes us understand that peace is not so easy to achieve, it is demanding, it requires attention, it must be balanced, it must never be lost sight of and it is difficult to maintain it.

In this piece by Scriabin (composed at the age of 16 in 1887) these aspects are sensed: it is a music that communicates reflection, at times it is moving, but it opens to hope and the inner voices offer the possibility of rich harmonies, for this reason requires good executive interpretation.

Unfortunately, the thought goes to the continuation of the war, it is terrible and should not have happened. It is certainly not the fault of Russian musicians that we have reduced ourselves to this, on the contrary I think that their music is an effective means of achieving peace.

Let it be the executive thought of this Muzyka dlya Mira.

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