Fidelio: Amore e Libertà


Story of the two lovers Leonora and Florestano composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Arrangement: Picarband.


Story of the two lovers Leonora and Florestano composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Arrangement: Picarband.

The story of the opera is known, it takes place in the 17th century in a prison not far from Seville, where Leonora arrives in the guise of Fidelio, to free her husband Florestano taken prisoner by the evil Don Pizarro, because he dared to say “boldly the truth “.

Leonora will succeed in the arduous trial also thanks to the help of the jailer Rocco and his daughter Marzelline. Providential the final intervention by Minister Don Fernando who will punish the impious Pizarro by granting freedom to his friend Florestano: “The brother seeks his brothers and if he can help, he gladly helps”. Thus the work ends happily, with impetuous and enthralling sound force and luminous trumpet blasts.

Beethoven’s “Fidelio” is his only work composed in 1805, and subsequently had two other versions, revised over a period of about 10 years.

2020 marks the 250th year of Ludwig’s birth and the composer of this arrangement find it only right to remember him with the beauty of his melodies. The Beethovenian Singspiel of this work exalts love, freedom, righteousness, brotherhood which triumph over the darkness of impiety. In this easy thematic transcription, in a band adaptation, the composer tried to highlight the musical characters of the opera characters: the initial passionate Andante taken from “Oh, what joy” is about the passion and love of Leonora and Florestano.

Following the march that outlines the severity of Don Pizarro. For the happy ending of the work the composer have collected a set of motifs that praise the importance of brotherhood, with reference to right justice up to the achievement of the desired freedom. The opera “Fidelio” represents the great Beethovenian parable in music, with the final hymn, enthralling and exhilarating, which induces us to enjoy the good life together.

May it be the wish for a convincing and satisfying musical performance by the Master Conductors and the Bands, to the delight of all listeners who wish to remember the year dedicated to the great Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827).

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