Aria dell’angelo Gabriele per soprano, clarinetto obbligato e orchestra d’archi



by Oreste Fabio Fanelli

To write the piece inspired by the theme of “The Annunciation” I thought of using the words of the great poet Dante who describes it thus in canto XXIII of Paradise:

Dante immediately fixes his gaze on the most intense light of Mary, the one whose name he invokes morning and evening, and as soon as he has seen her splendor and appearance, a luminous crown descends from above (the archangel Gabriel) which it surrounds Maria and begins to rotate around her. Gabriel intones a very sweet melody, such that even the most pleasant earthly music would seem, compared to it, like the roar of thunder. The archangel declares that he burns with love for Mary, in whose womb Jesus was born, and states that he will continue to circle her until the Virgin follows Christ into the Empyrean, making that Heaven more beautiful than it already is. While Gabriel performs his hymn, all the blessed sing Mary’s name.

In particular, the words of the Archangel Gabriel who intones this “[…] Così la circulata melodia si sigillava, e tutti li altri lumi facean sonare il nome di Maria”:

Io sono amore angelico, che giro

l’alta letizia che spira del ventre

che fu albergo del nostro disiro;

e girerommi, donna del ciel, mentre

che seguirai tuo figlio, e farai dia

più la spera supprema perché lì entre

The piece in the form of a “baroque” aria was written for soprano (the Archangel Gabriel), clarinet in B flat obliged and string orchestra.


Oreste Fabio Fanelli


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